From the Principal Desk:

I feel great pleasure to welcome you all to Barnagar B. Ed. College, Sorbhog, Barpeta, Assam.

The Govt. of India, in ascent time has emphasized the importance of teacher education and connection with this through the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has prescribed B.Ed., D.El.Ed., B.P.Ed., B.A.El.Ed. are important courses for those particularly are in or willing for teaching profession.

Teachers are the main architect of the society. They should be the friend, philosopher and guide of the students. They should be the captain of the teachers. They must understand the aspiration of the learners and thus have great responsibilities towards the society in shaping the character and behaviours of the students particularly in the present changing scenario.

Barnagar B. Ed. College is a small teacher training college in the Western part of Barpeta district having its hinterian in an inter fluvial basis of Beki-Manas rivers. Flanking like sentinels in the East and West is N.F. Railway, Barnagar College and National Highway-31 and JNV touch its Southern and Northern fringes. A lush plantation and agro landscape around provides a welcome environment to the location of the college.

Barnagar B. Ed. College, Sorbhog, Barpeta has been built with the physical, mental and financial support of the poor rural peasantry , political visionaries and social workers of the locality with a noble vision of imparting training to the teachers and teaching aimed graduates of the area. I am grateful to them for establishing such an important institution.

Barnagar B. Ed. College, Sorbhog, has been set up with a motive to impart training with improved and latest techniques of education by dedicated and experienced teaching keeping in mind their responsibilities ards the society.

I request you all to join Barnagar B. Ed. College family to accept the opportunities of being properly groomed teacher’s shoulder the responsibilities laid on you to the nation.

It is my earnest belief that the people of this locality will extend their hands to help us to fulfill our hopes and aspiration if we all work joining our hands together.


                                             Gholam Saruwar


Barnagar B. Ed. College, Sorbhog